Does Your Family Come First

go to site Every time I ask myself why is it good to be grateful, the answer always finds its way back to FAMILY. Today’s vlog shows my viewers just that. Family comes first!

get link I’ve always wondered how someone like me can be so blessed to have a family like mine! I can never complain about what I have… a beautiful wife and 5 healthy and great kids!

source And everyday, when I wake up, I just say a little prayer of thanks because at the end of the day, God has given an opportunity to make a positive influence in the lives of my kids and of my wife.

Join us as we come home from a three day weekend in the Bay Area.

levitra order onlinemestinon 60 mg This entire vlog was shot on the Canon G7X MkII –

As for the rest of the gear I used throughout my vlogadventure…

My Vlogging Gear:

iPhone Silicon THIN case –

GoPro Hero 4 –

GoPro Hero 6 –

Canon 80D –

Canon 50mm Lens –

Canon 10-18mm Lens –

Canon 10-22mm Lens –

Video Mic Pro –

Video Micro –

GoPro External Mic Adapter –

GoPro Hero 4 Aluminum Housing –

GoPro Hero 6 Aluminum Housing –

Samsung Evo 128GB –


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