INTRoVOYS Committed And Grateful to Their Fans  

source link In January 27, 2018, INTRoVOYS led by Jonathan Buencamino with Vic Carpio on guitars, Jj Buencamino on keyboards and Paco Arespacochaga on drums performed to a more than sold out crowd in San Francisco at the Ichiban Filipino Cuisine Restaurant, a place known for featuring top OPM artists and comedians. The boys in the band were not surprised. They were grateful.

source Nothing was left to chance for 2018. In mid 2017, the band committed to touching base with its fans around the world. They decided to break the barrier that defines artists and their fans. To the quartet, they felt that they were over that specific paradigm. Moving forward, beginning mid 2017, INTRoVOYS was cultivating their own tribe. They were building a community, who shared one common interest… their music and their body of work. And to the boys in the band, it was more than enough to start with.

INTRoVOYS knew they would have to do a lot of work to make people aware they were still around. And to accomplish this, they began creating YouTube videos covering other artists and themselves, as well. It was pretty successful in creating some sort of buzz but not quite the success the band was looking for. Toward the end of last year, they decided to embrace the music of their youth. They agreed that if they played and filmed the music they grew up with, and post it on social media, like minded people would be attracted to it and realize it was INTRoVOYS and begin sharing it with their friends.

It worked! And toward the end of 2017, people from all over the world began signing up to the band’s mailing list, wanting to be part of their tribe. In perfect synchrony, the band made sure their website had the information and the content their tribe were interested in.

Members of the band actively engaged their fans, answering messages and helping find songs that they had a hard time finding elsewhere, through the band’s music repository. And with their merch store up and running, INTRoVOYS began building an army.

And with momentum in their favor, the band committed to going back on tour in 2018, beginning with their show in San Francisco, which turned out to be a hit. The band was invited to come back to San Francisco on March 10 for yet another sold out performance.

Los Angeles was no different. On April 22, INTRoVOYS broke new grounds selling out a show at the world famous Burbank Bar & Grille in Los Angeles. Their LA tribe were treated to a two and a half hour show of non-stop music, a combination of their original songs, their hits and a slew of covers that they took ownership of. And it didn’t stop there. The band is in the middle of a US/Canada tour that will “probably” end back in Los Angeles in October.

On May 19, INTRoVOYS is going back to San Francisco for a three-peat of their famous sold out concerts over there. But there’s a big caveat. The band will be bringing a whole new concert repertoire that will get their fans screaming and dancing again and again.


Other shows include:

June 23 – Murrieta CA
June 30 – Las Vegas NV
July 7 – Torrance CA
August 11 – Seattle WA
September 1 – Vancouver BC
October 6 – Fresno CA
October 21 – Los Angeles CA

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