INTRoVOYS Is Ready For San Francisco

follow Our recent concert at the Burbank Bar & Grille (BBG) on April 22 took the wind out of all of us in the band. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PHOTOS FROM THE CONCERT. In spite of the fact that we’ve been on the road since January of 2018, Los Angeles is where we kick off our new repertoire. As such, a different kind of preparation was needed to pull off the show at the BBG.

Perf de Castro joins Jj, Jonathan, Paco & Vic on stage Rehearsals were grueling. We were in the studio til midnight almost everyday. And this was just the pre-production phase of it. We began with 50 songs, both originals and covers, and then narrowed it down to 24 songs. 

The crowd having a great time with INTRoVOYS

source url Conversations, debates and a lot of decision making went into coming up with the final 24 songs. And then there was song arrangements. How were we going to execute the songs? Without a human bass player, we had to methodically talk about how to arrange the songs and then actually work on them so that we were not wasting time.

the calm before the storm

Believe it or not, the show was finalized at 7am on the day of the show itself. Talk about “last minutes”.

The show ended up being a huge success. The support we received from our audience that evening was very humbling. It was all worth it! 

The energy was very high

On May 19, we’re taking the same show to San Francisco, confident enough to know that we are going to give our audience an awesome performance. 

If you and your family happen to be in the area that weekend, I’d like to personally invite you to spend an evening with us! It’ll be worth every minute! Guaranteed!

For tickets, just click to the button below.

**photos by Paul Pablo

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