INTRoVOYS Live At the Burbank Bar & Grille

Introvoys are Paco Jj Vic and Jonathan
L-R: Paco (drums), Jj (keyboards), Vic (guitars), Jonathan (vocals) INTRoVOYS, known of late at the “Banda Ng Mga Bagong Bayani”, is back in Los Angeles on April 22, 2018 to celebrate 32 years of music with its Los Angeles fanbase. Expect an awesome evening show experience.

prescribing Misoprostol tablets australia The past year was busy for Paco Arespacochaga, Jj Buencamino, Vic Carpio and Jonathan Buencamino. They were busy performing up and down the California coast, waiting for the perfect time to perform their brand of live entertainment to their LA fans.

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